About us

Who is leading this project?

Elio Suarez.

  • Currently a CTO of one successful startup in Dubai & Tech Lead of Tigerspike.
  • Team of 6 people ==> 1 Tech lead, 1 UX/UI, 4 Adalo dev.
  • Growth Hacker lover in ProductHackers community.
  • Developed and participated in more than 50 MVP's.
  • Member of the most famous accelerator in Spain(Conector)
  • Member of the most famous incubator in Spain(Demium)
  • Founder of Hapsto.com, Won 2 awards by Mapfre in 2020
  • NOCODE Experts. First Adalo-No code expert in Spain and Latinoamerica and a very experienced ADALO full time developers.
  • Also have experience in React Native, React, Node, Angular, AWS, GoogleCloud if the things start to be very hard.
  • We also build smart contracts with Solidity, sustrate, Web3, truffle...
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